Exhibition “Light touch”

What Scanography?

The development of new technologies affects all spheres of human activity, and in particular on contemporary art. Thus, the appearance of the scanner led to the emergence of a new, which originated in the 1990s, a kind of photographic art – Scanography. On the one hand, to close Scanography pictures, but at the same time differs from it in many respects: lack of perspective, limited depth of field, but the surprising sharpness of images across the field illumination uniformity. At first glance, everything is simple: you are interested in the subject is placed directly on the scanner glass, after scanning its image will be saved and then printed as a normal picture. However, it should not be seen solely as Scanography fun – it really is a difficult art, which keeps a lot of secrets. Of great importance is the material chosen to create a masterpiece, the story, creating a welcome scans (so called photo obtained by scanning) and, of course, personality and imagination of the artist.