Agency “RatioArt” specializes in international projects, the focus of which is the world of today, with its fundamentally new quality and perception of life on the basis of innovation in science, art, technology and design.

Culture for us – the attitude that gives attitude to certain things and choice. It determines, we eat sushi or a baguette, read detective or Heidegger. This interest in the processes of reflection and selection we carry on our projects, which are an attempt to see the everyday life from different angles, to understand the changes in the objective world, society, consciousness and self-determination of each of us.

Agency name can be interpreted as a rational art or the art of mind: ratio – reason (Lat.), ars, artis – art (Lat.). The synthesis of these two principles in the name means the installation of association in the agency the two spheres of the world of knowledge – the rational and the intuitive, science and art.

Our projects are focused on the creation of a common context for intellectual exchange that goes beyond the existence of separate scientific disciplines and art as an autonomous sphere of aesthetic activity, with the aim of critical reflection boundaries of knowledge and deep penetration into the world of today, with its diversity.


02.05.2016 Exhibition and sale of paintings Jaroslava space Gonta "Dialogue eternal"

From 31 October 2014 to 31 January 2015 at the Planetarium of St. Petersburg, an exhibition and sale of paintings Jaroslava space Gonta “Dialogue eternal.”

02.05.2016 The exhibition "Wonderful everyday"

On December 5, 2014 to March 5, 2015 gallery “RatsioArt” Planetarium St. Petersburg will be held an exhibition “Wonderful everyday life.” People have always believed in miracles. And today, in our rational and often pragmatic world, we continue to believe in a fairy tale, expect something extraordinary …. And especially for the New Year so want to happen something beautiful, magical ….