Master classes

театр обыкновенных чудесTheater ordinary miracles

It – Theatre Laboratory. This is – the theater research. For children who are beginning to explore the world. For adults who have missed something in my childhood.

We are surrounded by familiar things. We see them every day, we stop to notice them. But it turns out, they may surprise us.

The first performance in our scientific theater: Secrets of a sheet of paper

In a typical sheet of paper hidden mysteries and secrets. The scientific approach will allow everyone to unravel these mysteries and showing tricks with paper. A sheet of paper, glue, scissors, pencil, school hours in the gallery “RatsioArt” – and you are a magician!

The second performance in our scientific Theatre: About the Indians and magicians

What played Indians and why magicians science? What to know geometry and how to apply it in practice? Let’s try to understand this and learn how to solve the problem of the Persian mathematician and astronomer, the Indians play games, solve different puzzles and all this – in the “RatsioArt” gallery.

The third idea in our scientific theater: Christmas ordinary miracles

Under the new year we expect to happen with us something quite extraordinary. Everything around becomes a little magic …. But, if you carefully look at the most ordinary things, they can reveal to us its secrets. To create the magic of science can help us: Christmas decorations and greeting in a scientific way, tricks for New Year’s Eve.
Come to the gallery “RatsioArt” and an hour feel like a magician!