Child. Space. I am a book through to the stars

April 25-28, at the library-branch №1 of Moscow region, a series of events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space – “child. Space. I am. Through the book to the stars ”

Authors of the idea and organizers – Art-Media Group «ZebraZoom». The project was implemented with the support of the municipality of intra St. Petersburg municipality Gagarin.

This event was preceded by a week of festival and art space, ART media group «ZebraZoom» and St. Petersburg Planetarium in museum and galleries of contemporary art Erarta from March 21-27 – “Art Week cosmological” child. Space. I”.

The main participants and guests of the “A book for the stars” were children from children’s home № 31, as well as students of schools №№ 362, 524, 525, 536, 543, 351 St. Petersburg.

The program of events:

April 25 – “Cosmo-tales and fantasy galaxy”
At the children’s writer Svetlana Trishin children traveled the galaxy in the company of her friends and asterisks – planets, constellations and comets. And then the artist Natalia Novikova, head of the center of creative development “potential”, the guys were able to express their imagination and create a mural, a collage of pictures and applications on the space theme.

April 26 – “Wonders of the stars, wonders among us …”
Anna B. Pogorelskaya, Honored Worker of Culture, the Planetarium lecturer, introduced two amazing kids program, “How to live and work in space” and “Miracles among the stars.”

April 27 – “Cinema Space”
Film director Alexei Tkalya introduced the audience with the work of director Paul Klushantseva (1910-1999), “the godfather of the” Star Wars “” – in the words of George Lucas. At a creative meeting with the students one of the first science fiction movie about space travel was shown – “Planet of Storms” (Lennauchfilm, 1961). The film was created with the use of unique technologies combined shooting, far ahead existed in those days foreign counterparts, including underwater photography.

April 28 – “Space Energy”
The guests of the final day of the event were Oleg Mukhin – the vice-president of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia and Galina Mihaylova – chief editor of “Planetarium”. OP Mukhin said to the children questions about the training of astronauts for flight, and GN Mikhailova told about his impressions about the trip to Baikonur – the first space harbor universe.