The meeting with Andrey Kuznetsov

October 4, 2013 St. Petersburg Planetarium and the Gallery “RatsioArt” invite to a meeting with Andrey Kuznetsov, participant “Mitka” legendary St. Petersburg group of artists.


You have  a unique opportunity to observe the creation of an unprecedented cosmic art object, to reflect together with the artist on the theme of space and art and just wondering spend Friday night in a comfortable creative atmosphere.
The ticket price includes a tour of the exhibition “Sense of the universe”, the exhibition which presents the work of Andrei Kuznetsov.

Each guest – a glass of wine as a gift!

Home – at 19.30. Ticket price – 300 rubles

Record by phone:
+7 (812) 233-26-53, +7 (812) 233-49-56 (Planetarium St. Petersburg)