Mult-class “The Quest”

Mult-class “The Quest” in the exhibition “Steampunk, or a parallel reality.” Create your own cartoon about the adventures!

multklass steampunk
Travel on a submarine or a balloon? Hunting for wild tigers in the jungles of India? Real English tea with a demonstration of the new discoveries of the scientific community. Stimpankovskim fantasy has no limits!

Groups of children and adults RatsioArt gallery offers a try himself as the authors of the script and multipliers.

We will help you come up with and implement your overall story. It includes materials from the animated plasticine to traditional stimpankovskih gears, cogs, Shpuntik and copper wires.

The ideal pastime for a child’s birthday or simply an original gift to children and adults adventurers!

Number of participants – up to 15 people.

Price – 6500 p.

Duration – 1.5 hours.

Duration 1 minute cartoon.

Mandatory pre-registration by phone +7 911 251 10 94