Exhibition “Wonderful everyday”

On December 5, 2014 to March 5, 2015 gallery “RatsioArt” Planetarium St. Petersburg will be held an exhibition “Wonderful everyday life.”

“The presence of the Miracle next to a man depends on the person.”
Strugatsky brothers

“Every society produces its wonderful, but the” main meal “it is wonderful, established by his predecessors, former miracles. Wonderful – a contrast to the daily life routine and measured. ”
Jacques Le Goff

People have always believed in miracles. And today, in our rational and often pragmatic world, we continue to believe in a fairy tale, expect something extraordinary …. And especially for the New Year so want to happen something beautiful, magical … What you can expect the same magic today, among the glass skyscrapers, high-speed machines and computers? What once seemed like a miracle, was the subject of dreams, fantasies, has now become a familiar and understandable.

Literature has kept us examples of fantastic dreams. Vladimir Odoyevski wrote about “home newspapers,” where is stored and sent to the other information on people – a kind of modern social networks; Velimir Khlebnikov in the early 20th century had dreamed about the wonderful future of radio, which is a modern internet, will unite mankind …. A lot of what people dreamed of in the past, has long been an everyday and does not surprise us anymore. Or surprise? And if incorporeal, often crazy dream can become a part of reality, whether reality can be a fairy tale?

The exhibition “Wonderful everyday life” demonstrates a miracle of artistic thinking, perception and extraordinary human creativity. The world is full of wonders, we just have to take a closer look closely, This lamp is turned into a little girl from a plastic bottle fluttered angel bridge transported to the skies, and automobile tire turned into a beautiful picture …

Before the visitors of the exhibition brought art objects, installations, paintings and photographs by contemporary artists that demonstrate common at first glance things from a different, unexpected direction, underlined the “miraculous” the beginning parts of modern reality, transforming the daily occurring thing in unusual object and making wonder again and again.

The exhibition will complement the interactive installation in which visitors to the exhibition will be able to create their own “wonderful daily” online.

During the exhibition will be an unusual master classes, which will offer visitors not believe my eyes and, of course, slightly open the door into a real wonderland.

In the creation of the exhibition attended by artists Andrew Sikorski, Victor Grigoriev, Ilya Heather, Anna Doronina, Lidiya Erokhin, Igor Novikov, Willy Melnikov, Vitali Gambarov, Alexander Fedorov, Olga Rostrosta, Yaroslav Gaunt, Alexander Mushkin, Natalia Prokshino Igor Zhuravsky, Torn Hem Studio and others.

Curators of the exhibition: Helen Wild, Andrew Sikorski