Egg as the universe. «Ab Ovo, Or All Of Eggs”

ab-ovoApril 22, 2011 in the museum and galleries of contemporary art “Erarta” Rally “Egg of the Universe”, dedicated to Happy Easter and year of astronautics. Within the campaign the children interactively create an art object «AB OVO, or all of the egg”.

The egg as a symbol of hope and rebirth appears in many cultures and religions. This fairy-tale magic symbol, which is found in the legends, myths and rituals of the peoples of the world, brings together the cosmic and human beginning, heavenly and earthly.

The organizers and the authors of the idea – art media group «ZebraZoom» and art studio “Sunflower”.

The purpose of the action – in the creative process go from the traditional style of painting Easter eggs ( “Eggs”) to the new trends in contemporary art: conceptualism, surround collage, abstract drawing.

The event was attended by the children of pre-school, primary and secondary school age.

The organizers offered the participants to reflect on the fragility of human life and the world in general, about how it is important to take care of yourself, friends, nature and our planet.

In the process of creating an art object children transformed ordinary things into objects of art. Created by “Cosmo-Egg” was exhibited in galleries “Erarta”.