Meeting with Viktor Grigoryev

About steampunk, Kineticism and “Art-mechanics” … or why do we need broken alarm clock? ..
October 18, 2013 St. Petersburg Planetarium and the Gallery “RatsioArt” invite to a meeting with the artist Viktor Grigoryev, the creator of the direction of “Art-Mechanics”.

АФИША АРТ МЕХАНИКА “living” sculpture and paintings by Victor Grigoriev – a wonderful combination of theater and the visual arts, the laws of mechanics and kinematics, inspiration and logic …

In the cozy atmosphere of the gallery you will have the opportunity, together with the artist to reflect on steampunk romance and poetry of physics, as well as an answer to the question: “How to become a Pygmalion” and “Where and how can be useful broken alarm clock?”

The ticket price includes a tour of the exhibition “Sense of the universe”, the exhibition which presents the work of Viktor Grigoriev.

Each guest – tea, coffee or a glass of wine as a gift!

Home – at 19.30. Ticket price – 200 rubles

So we can roughly estimate the number of participants, please register by phone: +7 (812) 233-26-53, +7 (812) 233-49-56 (org.otdel Planetarium St. Petersburg).

To participate entry is not required in the event.